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PT Ben Sehat Sejahtera are here as one of the best herbal products suppliers. We are proud to present a range of herbal medicinal products that are not only safe and natural, but also effective in supporting your health.

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About Us

Founded in 2005, PT Ben Sehat Sejahtera started from the desire to bring local wisdom in traditional medicine to a higher level. We are committed to promoting sustainable health through the use of scientifically proven herbal medicines that have a strong traditional basis.



We always carry out research, development & innovation of new products, accompanied by improving production technology by using new machines that are more reliable and hygienic. Our team will continue to produce various kinds of herbal medicinal products of the best quality.



Currently we are starting to expand into the online market to reach all levels of society. Apart from that, our company also helps create easy access in providing information related to the world of health and herbs for the Indonesian people. With easy access to valid health information, we can build a conducive climate for public education programs regarding its function for health.



We fully understand that access to quality health services at affordable prices is still difficult for some people. For this reason, we are committed to maintaining production quality by providing high quality herbal ingredients and maintaining the production process according to good medicine manufacturing standards. Due to this commitment, we have obtained a BPOM number and halal certification for the medicines it produces and have received a CPOTB certificate.

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Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Herbal Manufacturing Company


Easy Supplier Process

Has experience in supplying pharmaceutical and agricultural products. We have served many requests to supply both domestic and international.


Complete Legality

All herbal medicinal products that we offer are CPOB and GMP certified, we have a herbal extract capacity of up to 100 thousand kg per month.

Professional Team

We are a professional plant extract manufacturer Supplying medicine and agriculture. We also serve domestic and international supplies using advanced methods.


Quality Products

We produce high quality herbal medicinal products at affordable prices due to access to local raw materials.

Our Herbal Products

Are you looking for a best herbal products manufacturers? As a herbal manufacturing company, we provide various kinds of best brand for herbal supplements whose benefits have been proven. The following are some of our superior products in serving orders for high quality herbal medicinal products.

Best Herbal Diabetes Capsule



Langnis is a herbal medicine consisting of extracts of Pule, Sambiloto and Duwet which helps relieve diabetes.

  • Alyxiae Renwardtii Cortex (Pulasari) 800mg
  • Alstoniae Scholatidis Cortex (Pulai) 1200mg
  • Andrtxraphis Paniculata Herba (Sambiloto) 800mg
  • Syzygii Cumini Semen (Bij/ Duwet) 200mg
  • Lowering sugar in the blood
  • Reducing itching in the body
  • Dripping an sore on the body
  • Makes the body fresh
  • Reducing frequent urination at night
  • Increase stamina

Herbs for Stomach Acid Reflux



The best herbal remedies acid reflux. Helps relieve gastric disorders such as flatulence and nausea.

  • Aloe Vera Folium(Aloe Vera) 750mg
  • Phaleria Macrocarpa Fructus 450mg
  • Curcuma Domestica Rhizoma (Turmeric) 200mg
  • Nigella Sativa Semen (Black Cumin Seed) 100mg
  • Helps relieve stomach disorders suchas flatulence and nausea
  • Helps neutralize stomach acid
  • Helps relieve inflammation
  • Helps relieve stomach upset / bloating
  • Helps prevents infection

Natural Herbs to Lower Cholesterol



Best natural cholesterol supplement in running a healthy diet for a higher quality lifestyle.

  • Morindae Citritolia Folium (Ni Leaf) 89mg
  • Annona Muricata Folium (Soursop Leaf) 142.8 mg
  • Allium Sativum Bulbus (Garlic) 89.2 mg
  • Phaleria Macrocarpa Fructus (Mahkota Dewa) 107.1 mg
  • Lowering sugar in the blood
  • Reducing itching in the body
  • Drying wounds on the body
  • Makes the body fresh
  • Reducing frequent urination
  • Increase stamina

Herbs to Reduce Cholesterol

Herbal 17

Herbal 17

Herbal 17 is a medicinal supplement that contains 100% natural ingredients can help cholesterol problems.

  • Allium Satjvurn Bulb-us (Garlic) 800mg
  • Zingiberjs Officinalis Rhizoma (Jane) 600mg
  • Cirus Limun Fructus (Lemon) 300mg
  • Mel Depuratum (Honey) 400mg
  • Apple Vinegar 300mg
  • Reducing blood fat CholestroI
  • Increase stamina
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Helps increase body immune
  • Lower stomach acid
  • Lower uric acid
  • Prevents heart disease
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Herbal Product Manufacturing Company

As one of the herbal supplement manufacturing company, We expect highly for customer who want do factory visit.

With more than 15 years of experience in the herbal medicine industry, we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise needed to produce effective and safe products. Our expert team consists of professionals dedicated to the field of natural health and herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine Product Certification

We have obtained permission and certification from the government so that the products we provide have all been tested and have complete documents.

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